Thursday, January 3, 2013

A visit to Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan

How good are you in geography? Ever heard of Kaohsiung? It is the second largest city in Taiwan, one of the world's biggest ports, and located in the south of the island, where the climate is hot and sticky in the summer and warm and dry in the winter.

Until a few years ago Kaohsiung was considered the industrial backwater of Taiwan. Most of the country's heavy industry was located here, and there was little for the tourist to see. Since then the city has made great strides to reinvent itself as the "ocean capital" of Taiwan. Kaohsiung is certainly not without its charm. Situated right on the Taiwan Strait it has that lovely atmosphere that only port cities have. Seafood is present in abundance, from simple roadside stalls to high-class restaurants. For those who love Chinese architecture there are also many pagodas and temples to visit.
The people of Kaohsiung may lack the sophistication and latest fashion awareness compared to those who live in Taipei in the north, but they certainly make up for it in warmth, hospitality and friendliness. So if you are traveling in the East, or visiting China or Hong Kong, you should make a quick jump over the water to visit this interesting city. Flights from Hong Kong are frequent, short and reasonable.

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